Text on Path Concept

Design Brief

A number of users require more ways to express their text in the photo editing app. Text on path is one of the most required feature in the app. Here is the process that I tacked this challenge.

Mind map

Briefing Mindmap.png

Competitor Analysis

A.Desktop app

desktop apps

B.Mobile appsmobile apps





Prototype can be found here

prototype text on path.gif

Quick User Test

Tests with 5 Users

5/5 Discovered the button

5/5 understood the interaction

2/5 prefer A; 2/5 prefer A+B; 1/5 prefer B

User Quotes

“The text animation makes the interaction understandable. I would prefer line drawing. It’s better to have both.”

“The location of the icon should be more left instead of hiding far right.” (it will actually depends on the prio & freq)

“I think first of all the logic is very easy to follow. I didn’t have to spend too much time figuring out what functions there are.”

“Drawing a curve gives the user total freedom of presenting the text while keeping it in an artistic fashion. Dragging it is even more smart. The app calculates the best curves based on the background image thus ensures the best presentation.”


Following Work

Set up the measurement:

  • Interaction count
  • Check out complete time
  • Percentage of curve text image usage
  • Check #curvetext social media appearance 

Polish the icon Quantitative A/B test 

Adjust based on the implementation efforts

Adjust the Curve Test location based on prio & freq

Whether we should group custom and presets.


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