ČSOB NaNákupy

Design, Interface Culture, UI

Client: Czech Bank CSOB

Product: a digital wallet with following features

  • Contactless NFC payment
  • Masterpass support
  • Store of loyalty cards, shopping list and receipt
  • Balance and transaction history
  • Card management

What I contribute

  • Create persona
  • Wire-framing and prototyping
  • Specification high-fidelity design (Android & iOS app)
  • Communicate with design team, developer, stakeholder, manager
  • UI and illustration for some screens
  • User test and interview
  • Build up design system

portfolio 20160712-18.png

Redesign Follow Button

Interface Culture


Twitter users can’t control the frequency of the tweets


Status quo

The user sees the tweet mixed by Twitter’s algorithm. Sometimes a single user that they follow could tweet 5 times in short amount of time especially those news portal. The frequency of certain users are not clear.

Although the “See less often” is available, yet the user can’t get wholistic picture.



A scale appears after the user hits the follow button. The user is able customized how frequent the tweets will be in the future.

In the profile page, the user could see the follow rate of each person that they followed.