My Yearly Cuisine Review


Thanks for the great interface culture lab kitchen, I’ve experimented a large variety of dishes in the past year. I’ve also tried and learned from other colleagues. I chose 3 dishes from each month in 2014 and made this collage of cuisine review. Also thanks for the followers in my instagram.


From the milk shake with avocado to fired rice sushi roll;

from spinat Burek to shrimp nuddle;

from coconut cubic dessert to butterfly Spaghetti with broccoli;

from fried lotus stem to Lentils with Sesame;

from first experiment with Bazil and Rosemarry to Braised Eggplant with soyasource;

from plum cake to self-made Dürüm;

from roast lamb to potate stewed with chicken;

from pumpkin source rice and pumpkin skin soup to fried pumpkin seed and baked pumpkin with butter…

I graduatelly mastered the skills to tune the power of the heat, to cut the salad in attractive way, to bake some cake and cookies, to finish cooking 5-color meal in 15 minutes , to cook lunch for 14 people at a time(my personal records)…. Last but not the least how to arrange and cook effectively and efficiently in different situations.