Social Coffee Machine

“Coffee first. Schemes later.” Leanna Renee Hieber

I’d like to improve the UX of our daily touchpoint: the coffee machine in our office. 

Here is my approach:

  • Briefing & brainstorming
  • Moodboard & quick competitor analysis
  • Paper prototyping & sketching ideas
  • Quick & dirty user testi
  • Prioritize ideas in impact/effort matrix
  • Pick 3 features and dig down
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Solution based on the main assumption
Briefing, sketching, analyzing, and brainstorming
Paper sketching and mockup
image 3
Customer journey map based on 3 archetypes
Screenshot 2019-01-06 at 11.09.47.jpg
Crazy8 brainstorming variation & solutions
Synthesize ideas and position on the map



image 8
After the evaluation, I pick 3 features and think in details

Feature 1 Coffee activities

  • A web app that everyone can log in in different devices
  • RFID for login just like the shared printer
  • Group diagram to display each type of coffee you drink
  • Adjustable view range
  • The pie chart on different types
  • Data will be used for algorithm-based recommendation
  • Proving the health tips


Feature 2 Coffee Mixer

  • Preset and additions
  • Intuitive visual selector and mixer
  • Drag & drop and ready to adjust
  • Advance options available
  • Creative tools for creating latte art
coffe selection
Fully customizable coffee setup, visual representation, drag & drop additions
latte art
Create personal latte art as you wish (great for company/personal event)

Feature 3 Community coffee

  • Swimming lane UI pattern showing different relevant categories
  • Ranking lists displaying the popular drink in the company
  • Match improve the colleague communication and socialization
  • You can create your own lists

community coffee

Prototype link  (Registration required)