Root Node

Root Node

Root Node is a site-specific interactive installation. It involves stacked layers of disassembled remote controllers that are strung together by conductive rods and planted into the ground. Whenever its root gets damp, nodes can be generated due to the conductivity of the earth interface, which in turn triggers the pulse-signal-based soundscape. The visitor wears the headmount device to receive the signals within the range of the infred light.

Inspired by Niklas Luhmann’s notion of structural coupling and the materiality of communication, Root Node also refers to the topmost section in a tree data structure in the context of computer science. The work functions as a reconfiguration of the exorbitant existence of techno narratives; as a poem depicting the metabolic process of signals; as “the reconstruction of deconstruction”; as a posthuman totem of worship…

This work exhibited in 10 Years Interface Cultures at Ars Electronica 2014, Linz Austria.
Thanks for the people who helps me finishing this piece, giving me advice and suggestions.


Conceptual Illustration


Field Prototyping 

in production

Sketching & Operating

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