Medical App Redesign

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Design brief

Pelvina is a pelvic floor training app. Eight interactive course modules teach users how their pelvic floor is constructed and how they can visualize and strengthen it. Pelvina is intended for health-conscious women, who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, for example during or after pregnancy.

Target users:

mainly mothers but also women around the age of 65.

Goal & Objective

1. A playfull and more interesting structure in each Module
2. Motivation messages, when the user completes the modules

current visual


Design process

Design thinking 5 steps: empathize > define > ideate > prototype > Test

design process pelvina



I started with empathizing users, imaging if I am partner of the pregnant woman. YouTube, wikipedia, and the health portal are the source to better understand the pelvis floor pain and how to conquer them.

Pelvina redesign_1

A mindmap would help me visualize the fragmented information.

Pelvina redesign_2

User interview

I wrote down the relevant questions and conducted a couple of interview session with friends who has been through the pregnancy.

user interview pelvina.png



Based on the provided information I expand the target users by adding hypothesis including attitude, aptitude, stage of life, lifestyle, needs and behaviors. By mapping and synthesizing them, 3 user archetypes have been born:

  1. First born young mother
  2. Second born mid aged mother
  3. Elderly who got her smart phone
Pelvina redesign_3
Pelvina redesign_4



User reviews

To understand the existing app painpoint, I check all of the reviews on app store and play store, screenshot the relevant reviews and made an affinitive diagram. Now the critical problems displayed clearly.

Pelvina redesign_5



Competitor analysis

In order to understand patterns and market, I did a brief competitor analysis, try the different products and get a general understanding about how health courses are organized.

Pelvina redesign_6




I recorded interesting patterns and useful resources related to the topic.

Pelvina redesign_7



Old information architecture

The skeleton of the current app

Pelvina redesign_8



User journey map

I played as a pregnant mother and ploted each touchpoint that I have with the pelvina app. I listed the potential pains and emotions along the way.

Pelvina redesign_9



User reviews

Starting from accumulated knowledge, I started to divergent thinking, proposing How Might We questions, and a bunch of ideas that serve the needs. And tag ideas with different labels.

Pelvina redesign_10


Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 08.56.47



Position and prioritize

The simple impact and effort quadrant would help to map the ideas.

Pelvina redesign_11



New information architecture

Pelvina redesign_12


Sketching and wire-framing

Pelvina redesign_13



Illustration Design

With the help of Smash illustration kit, I quickly assemble the characters with the organs.


illustration pelvina.png



The clickable prototype can be found here.

Pelvina redesign_14


Quick & dirty testing

In order to get some feedback from real user, I interviewed one women.

Pelvina redesign_15


Follow up

Design is never done. here are the following to do list map.

Pelvina redesign_16