Divinity, Externality of Market, and the Restless Bustle

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Inspired by our daily-routine interface: the zipper, this piece is a spacial sound installation of parallel zippers which driven by dozens of motor according to the notes from Bach pieces. The zippers are moving up and down releasing the backlight. By the V light shape and solemn sound- scape it unfolds a Gothic style orchestra with pipe organ, which makes a contradiction with the symbol it provides modernity.
It reveals the complicated relationship between the eternity of humanity and fast changing matters around us, furthermore also reveal an externality of the market, which means side effects comes with the personal profit; as the description in A Thousand Plateaus goes, ”One side of a machinic assemblage faces the strata, which doubtless make it a kind of organism, or signing totality, or determination attributable to a subject; it also has a side facing a body without organs, which is continually dismantling the organism, causing asignifying particles or pure intensities to pass or circulate, and attributing to itself subjects that it leaves with nothing more than a name as the trace of an intensity. “


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