Chinese Tones Visualization



The tones is the natural born characteristic of Chinese. Generation by
generation, word by word we inherit the functionality of them. Using
Chinese as the mother tongue, Chinese people hardly sense the wave of
tones that generate when speaking certain words. In contrast, increasing
number of Chinese learners often time feel the function of tones is the
most difficult part of Chinese.

Play with tones is such a vocal interactive installation that trying to evoke
and rediscover the beautiful nature of Chinese tones. It basically captures
the tones while the participants speak, and then put the tones together
so it become an undetermined wave that stretch on the screen. The
variation and the pattern of tones form a context of various games. The
participants can either build the certain wave according to the pattern, or
make improvisation while playing.
声调是汉语言与生俱来的特质, 我们世世代代口口声声地沿用下来习
以为常, 作为母语的无意识的使用错似乎淡化了其本身的感知, 反倒是

将实时语音中的汉字声调进行捕捉, 首尾相接, 进而生成平上去入的连
续波形几何图形. 图形之间的堆叠, 交叉, 错落等关系构成了各种生动
活泼的游戏. 参与者可以根据声调构造自己需要的声调图形, 亦可即兴

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