Chin-Li™ Company

Collaborated with Muchen Zhang, Alibi project speculates a product-based story rewinding a fictional history about a healthcare company named Chin-Li.  The prehistory of the company could be traced back in the year of 1916, a group from the movement of Chinese Labour Corps came to France and Britain and started the treatment for the animal in military service. Chin-Li, meaning Koi carp, soon became their nickname or symbol. After the rise and fall of career, they finally found the company named as Chin-Li in 1986. The company also published a product catalogue showcasing the past products Chin-Li has developed.

Product Alibi

In order to celebrate the 30 years, Chin-Li collaborates with the industrial robotic arm company and releases the latest product called Alibi,a special edition of the previous successful product that was designed 30 years ago. It attaches the a fish container to the tip of the robotic arm and enables it with an outer space exercise experience taking advantage of the precise tail waving, sophisticated acceleration, and motion control. It is an ideal therapy for the fish who has either tail injury, aging sickness, or the suffer from long term tedious transportation. Alibi will acquire the historical swimming data tailors for the fish or download from our cloud, where thousands of researchers our customers shared their therapy data. Alibi have the release demo run during Ars. 


In this fictive story, we intend to encourage the audience to reflect the relationship between machine and body, challenge the moral nerve in a hilarious and ironic approach.


Special thanks to Johannes Braumann, who gave us abundance of help. Thanks also to Interface Culture Lab.

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Alibi project showcased in Ars Electronica Festival 2016


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Alibi product release, 2016

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Chin-Li company has four categories of products that are dedicated specifically for different kinds of animal. They are LUDI (have fun while exercise), JUNGO (cultivate intimacy with people), DURA (train the muscle strength), LOTA (retain elegance).